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Printing Quality Control Engineer 

On-site work from our production facilities in China (Guangdong)

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A children's toy manufacturing company with production facilities in China is seeking a highly motivated and experienced Printing Quality Control Engineer, who will be responsible for ensuring that all printed materials meet our high-quality standards, adhere to specifications, and maintain consistency across different print runs.

This position requires on-site work from our production facilities in China (Guangdong) and close cooperation with teams in Ukraine and China.

Your responsibilities:

- inspect and review all printed materials for quality, color consistency, and adherence to design specifications:
- collaborate with the contractor’s production team to ensure printing processes and materials meet company standards and client requirements;
- work closely with the design and prepress teams to resolve any discrepancies in print-ready files and provide feedback for improvements;
- perform detailed quality control checks on all printed products, including, but not limited to, packaging, labels, brochures, and promotional materials;
- perform routine maintenance on quality control equipment and tools, ensuring their optimal performance and accuracy;
- evaluate and assess the quality of print output, identifying defects, and taking corrective actions as needed;
- monitor and maintain records of all print production jobs, including documentation of quality control checks, issues, and resolutions;
- develop and implement quality control procedures and guidelines to improve overall print quality and efficiency;
- track priorities of urgency and meeting deadlines, resource availability and bottlenecks and coordinate with all process participants.




- at least 5 years of experience in print production, quality control, or a related field;
- in-depth knowledge of printing processes, techniques, and equipment, including digital and offset printing;
- strong attention to detail and the ability to identify even the smallest discrepancies in print quality;
- familiarity with color management systems and tools, as well as industry-standard quality control procedures;
- proficiency in using computers and software relevant to the printing industry, such as Adobe Creative Suite and prepress workflow applications;
- excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to make informed decisions quickly;
- English and Chinese written and verbal at Upper-Intermediate level.

We offer:

- сreate innovative products with us. Products with impact. Products that kids love;
- сompetitive salary;
- open door policy;
- professional team.

And a few more words about us:

- We are an international team of product developers working to regain people's faith that every human being is creative.
- We innovate new products and experiences in education, entertainment, and self-expression – all to release and develop the natural creative potential in every human being.
- We have launched 2 brands of creative toys, ensuring their global success through a powerful R&D center and our own production lines.

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