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Senior Data Analyst

We're looking for a highly experienced Senior Data Analyst to work across our portfolio of US based ecommerce brands.

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The Role
We're looking for a highly experienced Senior Data Analyst to work across our portfolio of US based ecommerce brands.

Our approach has driven over $1B in growth for ecom/DTC brands. As our good friends over at Meta and Google continue to muddy data, we're getting ahead by continually investing in bolstering up our business intelligence ands data function. This role will be key here.

You'll be working on rapid growth clients trading in the US and internationally.

The right candidate will have extensive experience working with ecommerce brands as well as data from META, Google Ads, Google Analytics and growth additional platforms. Ideally you would have worked on pieces like Marketing Mix Models and Attribution.

This is much more than a typical analytical role as you'll be a key player in building out on technology suite.



  • Manage the ETL pipelines for ecom platforms and core channels (think Shopify, GA, Meta, Google, TikTok, Klaviyo, Attentive etc

  • Ensure the data is cleanly structured in GBQ

  • Build out the BI reports

  • Work closely with the growth team on goals, pacing and opportunities

  • Run ad hoc insights analysis e.g. the impact specific promotions had on contribution margin

  • Constantly improve the overall sophistication in our growth modeling approach (e.g. what's the fastest and most efficient path to 10x our partners)

  • In 2023, work closely with the engineering team as we build our approach into a standalone SAAS platform                                                                          


Minimum Qualifications

  • Post Graduation degree or equivalent with a strong academic record

  • Minimum 5+ years of relevant experience in Data Analytics, BI tools such as Tableau, SQL, Python and ETL. Strong Data Analytics exposure is preferred.

  • Experience in Tableau development is an added advantage. Should be good with Microsoft Excel & PPT.


​Who we are
We've built something very different at Growth Shop. We are a world-class, full-stack growth team that partners with DTC brands. Our brands have proven, product market fit, that also have the potential to be 9 figure global brands. Rather than these companies building their own growth team with trial and error, or co-ordinating multiple agencies, we take the entire growth piece and bolt on to their brands. It’s all plug and play.

Our brand partnerships are structured with a direct skin in the game incentive that includes components of a retainer, profit/revenue share and exit share. Our unique model allows us to execute with the speed of working client side, yet with an entire portfolio of brands to accelerate testing and validating ideas.

Our team brings extensive experience in the rapid growth DTC space. Our founder Mark Patchett has driven over $1B in revenue, including scaling Nectar Sleep to be the #1 fastest growing ecom brand in the USA ($10M -> $240M in 18 months), as well as scaling Trouva from the seed round to be one of the top 5 fastest growing ecom brands in Europe

Our Chief Growth Officer, Gavin Conway, founded the internal growth accelerator at Omnicom Media Group [NYSE:OMC] and led performance marketing for AirBnB in Europe, alongside a host of prominent scale-up brands including BlaBlaCar, Zopa and Nutmeg.

Who You’ll Be Working With
We have world-class talent across each function. We work in lean, high impact pods. Everyone that’s working on a project understands everything that’s going on, e.g. the person running FB ads works hand in hand with the copywriter and designer producing the assets. The more that people understand, the more impact they can have and the faster we can all hit big numbers.

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