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Retention/CRM Manager

For a forward-thinking iGaming company driven by innovation and a passion for excellence 




- Monthly planning and drafting of marketing campaigns;

- Organization of promotions, draws, and other activities to retain and return players;

- Analytics of conducted promotions and calculation of ROMI;

- Creation and outlining of mechanics for new promotions, preparation of technical specifications for developers (product and marketing admin panel);

- Ensuring regular communication with the player via SMS, email, messengers, push notifications, and social networks;

- Setting up trigger chains;

- Communication with the team to develop a general strategy (ensuring regular communication with the player by means of SMS, email, instant messengers, cannon, social networks);

- Setting tasks to employees of their direction to prepare and implement these communications;

- Implementation of the overall brand strategy in various GEOs;

- Expenditure planning and reporting;

- Analysis of the market and competitors;

- Assigning tasks to employees in your direction.


Must have:

- Obligatory experience in gambling;

- Knowledge of marketing and niche metrics: LTV, ARPU, Retention Rate, calculation systems for ROMI and ROI, GGR, NGR;

- Understanding the basic principles and approaches to A/B testing, checking hypotheses to optimize marketing activities;

- Experience with customer segmentation;

- Knowledge of the main mechanics for promotions and tournaments aimed at attracting, retaining, and returning players;

- Knowledge of methods to analyze the market and competitors, as well as your own product;

- Analytic mindset;

- English: Intermediate +.



- Experience with analytics tools will be a plus: GA, Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio;

- Experience with

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