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Senior JavaScript (Vue.js) Developer

Retail Technology Group – E-Centive and Ignite CPP 

Modern Office Building


As a dynamic and fast-growing retail technology company, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful solutions to our 10,000 daily active users. As we continue to grow, we are also expanding our services into data science. To further enhance our product, we are seeking a Senior Front-End Developer with proficiency in Vue.js and JavaScript, and experience in software product development.

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Front-End Developer who can lead the development of a ground-up build, ensuring high-quality code and leading the front-end discipline in a cross-functional manner. You will be working with a team of passionate and experienced developers, creating products that directly impact our customers' lives.


1.    Lead the development of a front-end ground-up build.
2.    Drive best practices in the front-end development discipline across the organization.
3.    Ensure high-quality code across the team through reviews and using automated tools.
4.    Collaborate with other teams (product management, design, back-end developers, data scientists) to optimize user experience and implement innovative solutions.
5.    Continuously learn and keep up to date with emerging technologies to evaluate impact to business and member experience.
6.    Lead in cross-functional projects and initiatives.
7.    Mentor and guide junior developers.



1.    5+ years of experience in front-end development.
2.    Extensive experience in JavaScript, and Vue.js in particular.
3.    Knowledge of software architecture, data structures, and design patterns.
4.    Experience with responsive design and implementation.
5.    Familiarity with RESTful APIs and knowledge of how to interface with them.
6.    Understanding of front-end build and packaging systems such as Webpack.
7.    Experience with version control systems, preferably Git.
8.    Good understanding of SEO principles and ensuring that applications adhere to them.
9.    Experience in leading a team and mentoring junior developers.
10.    Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

What We Offer

1.    A vibrant and dynamic work environment where you’ll be making an impact daily.
2.    The chance to grow alongside our expanding company, working with a talented team.
3.    Competitive compensation package.
4.    Hybrid work model

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